The 60-Second Microsoft Roundup: Surface Issues, Software Piracy and More

Here’s what happened in the Redmond campus this week

Now that Microsoft has finally launched both Windows 8 and the Surface tablet, the Redmond-based company has more time to focus on its other projects.

On Monday, for example, it emerged that Microsoft’s European antitrust case severely affected both Firefox and Opera, as they both lost millions of users because of Microsoft’s failure to provide European users with a browser choice screen.

What’s more, Microsoft was sued for its Windows 8 live tiles, while a study revealed that the company’s first tablet ever costed only $271 to make.

The first Surface Pro pricing details appeared on a German website on Tuesday, while a few hours later, sources familiar with the Redmond business hinted that Microsoft might also be working on a 7-inch tablet designed with gaming purposes in mind and called Xbox Surface.

Internet Explorer 10 was officially crowned the fastest browser on Windows 8 on Wednesday, while Microsoft finally confirmed that it would kill Windows Live Messenger in early 2013 and replace it with Skype.

During the same day, the British Prime Minister commented on Microsoft’s plans to help those unemployed, saying that all the other companies should do the same thing as soon as possible.

The first Surface bug was spotted on Thursday, as tens of users reported that sound was unexpectedly muted on their tablets when using the Touch Cover.

Microsoft’s Windows 8-inspired MSN website went offline for a few minutes, while a drunk woman said that Windows 8 was indeed a really confusing operating system.

Last but not least, Microsoft announced the first security updates for Windows 8 and Windows RT on Friday.

A few hours later, Angry Birds Star Wars officially landed on Windows 8, while Sony said that all touch features integrated into the new operating system were very likely to boost the PC industry.

P.S.: Microsoft finally confirmed on Saturday the Surface problems we told you about and said that all faulty units would be replaced free of charge.

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