The 60-Second Microsoft Roundup: Black Friday, Windows 8 Security Flaw and More

Here’s what happened in the Redmond campus this week

It’s been a calm week in the Redmond campus, mostly because everyone is now focusing on Windows 8, as the company struggles to make the new operating system a truly successful product in every corner of the world.

Sadly, things aren’t going exactly as planned, and on Monday plenty of users have turned to Microsoft’s support forums to express their disappointment regarding a Windows 8 update error on KB2770817. A few hours later, Microsoft’s Black Friday deals reached the web, while Tweetro, the popular Windows 8 Twitter client, was banned by Twitter for exceeding its token limit.

On Tuesday, the famous TV star Oprah decided to praise Microsoft’s Surface tablet once again, but sadly for everyone working for Microsoft, she did it using an iPad. What’s more, some early Windows 8 mockups revealed the first GUI of Microsoft’s latest operating system, while the new Windows division chief explained that Windows 8 was actually planned before the iPad came out.

Microsoft accidentally offered pirates the keys to Windows 8 Pro on Wednesday, while Reed Hastings, the famous Netflix CEO, said that Microsoft should focus more on its Windows 8 OS and less on the Surface tablet. New figures provided by Net Applications revealed that Windows 7 is still the number one OS in November, while Linux has finally managed to overtake Windows 8.

BitDefender Security for Windows 8 was released on Thursday, while a Microsoft reseller said in an interview that Windows 8 is actually a disastrous product. Another analyst pointed out that Microsoft is too optimistic to push Windows XP users to Windows 8, while Alabama officially became the 10th state to join forces with the Redmond-based software titan.

Finally, the Windows Store jumped the 20,000-app milestone on Friday, while Microsoft decided to sue a long-time partner over a faulty data center roof during the same day. A few hours later, it has emerged that Windows 8 product keys are now embedded in BIOS, while an online contest suggested that Microsoft’s Surface Pro could be released in January 2013.

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