The $500 Million Windows Vista "Wow"

Marketing Campaign

Microsoft is not putting all its faith into Windows Vista to cue the "Wow" for consumers. In fact, Microsoft is sparing no expense for the promotion of the Windows Vista, and has announced that it will dig deep into its pockets to pour no less than $500 million in the marketing campaign for the operating system. The "Wow starts now" is Microsoft's way of buying their way onto consumers' desktops.

The Redmond Company revealed that the half a billion marketing campaign will take place across 20 countries. Moreover, Microsoft is preparing a downpour of Windows Vista advertisements. No less than 6.6 billion impressions is the milestone that the $500 million Vista Wow campaign is looking to achieve. Translated, this means that approximately all potential buyers worldwide will at one point or another face the ubiquitous Windows Vista ad.

Microsoft has already announced a $1.6 billion deferral for the quarter ended December 31, 2006, money that went to support the Windows Vista coupons program. With the additional $500 million for the marketing campaign and another $6 billion, the best billions Bill Gates has ever spent, on the development of Windows Vista, the operating system has been a costly investment for Microsoft.

But it is an investment nonetheless. And Microsoft will get its money's worth as Windows Vista will become the dominant operating system worldwide until 2009. However, the $500 million Vista Wow campaign has failed to deliver an impact and to draw a stampede of buyers on the first day of retail availability.

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