The 14-Inch HP Chromebook Is Official, Could Become a Big Seller

Google Chrome OS continues to gain support as it adds a new manufacturer

It was outed a week ago, but Google and HP are making it official, there's a new HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook. The new device is now selling in the US for $329.99, €242, cheaper than some Chromebooks but not as cheap as the ARM-powered Samsung one.

That said, its main touting point isn't the price, it's the screen. The HP device is that largest Chromebook to date with a 14-inch screen, though with the same resolution as the rest of the Chromebooks. It also packs specs comparable to the more expensive Samsung Chromebook 550.

Still, the price may turn the HP Chromebook into a big seller, it's not as cheap as the Samsung or the Acer devices, but it's more powerful, has a bigger screen and doesn't look that bad either.

"This HP Chromebook is a great home companion that offers the built-in security, speed and simplicity you’d expect from a Chromebook on a brilliant 14” screen. Enjoy your favorite videos, photos and more in new detail, and with its versatile HDMI and USB ports, the HP Chromebook is easy to customize with peripherals," Google boasts.

You also get the 100 GB of Google Drive Storage for two years that all Chromebook owners get, all you have to do is redeem it.

Since you only get a small SSD drive in the Chromebook, the cloud storage option comes in rather handy for storing your photos, videos and everything else. It's also a way for Google to get you hooked on Google Drive and eventually start paying for it, which would mean a new way of Google to make money from the Chromebooks.

"Starting today, the HP Chromebook will be available for $329.99 in the US at and at other retailers soon," Google added.

"The HP Chromebook is a great new addition to the Chromebook family, and we hope you’ll enjoy it within yours, too. New Chromebooks, more options, for everyone."

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