Thanksgiving Viral of the Day: Turkey Hunting Prank

Joker dressed as a “hunter” chases a "turkey” through supermarkets and parking garages

Wearing a unitard while pretending to be a turkey is pretty funny, until the police suddenly develop an interest in you. At least that's what these pranksters found out, by the end of this viral Thanksgiving clip.

The video, uploaded on Monday, November 19 by YouTuber Nathan J Barnatt, looks pretty funny to me, but not everybody feels the same way.

Two jokers roleplay as the hunter and the game, using a plastic rifle that police officers somehow found menacing. The “hunter” chases the “wild turkey” through supermarkets and parking garages, trying to scare and amuse people.

Store security guards get alarmed, but it's not until the pair is spotted by a police helicopter that the prank has to come to an end.

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