Thailand’s Ministry of Culture Hacked by Bad Piggies Team

The hackers are protesting against the cancellation of the Nua Mek 2 political soap opera

On Wednesday, hackers from the Bad Piggies Team breached and defaced the official website of Thailand’s Ministry of Culture (

On the defacement page, the hackers asked for the political soap opera Nua Mek 2 to be brought back, HackRead reports.

Nua Mek 2 was canceled earlier in January without any explanation. The Bangkok Post informs that a House committee hearing was held on Wednesday to determine why the show was pulled by Channel 3, but the producers were not provided any explanations.

The site of the Ministry of Culture is not the only one to be targeted by hackers after the removal of Nua Mek 2. On January 7, WebProNews reported that Channel 3’s website was also defaced for a short period.

The hackers posted a message which read “Where’s my Nua Mek?”

At the time of writing, the site of Thailand’s Ministry of Culture appeared to have been taken offline.

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