Texas Man Carves Son with Pentagram, Boy Discharged from Hospital

Father Brent Troy Bartel turned himself over, saying he “shed some innocent blood”

The boy whose father carved a pentagram on his back, awaiting an apocalypse, has been released from hospital on Wednesday night, reports say.

As we wrote earlier today, the incident occurred one day before, on December 12, 2012, which some have dubbed the day of the Apocalypse.

On what he considered a “holy day,” Brent Troy Bartel carved the sign on his son to present him as a tribute to the gods. He then went on to call police and let them now he had “shed some innocent blood.”

He is currently held at Quad Cities Jail on aggravated assault charges. His bail has been set at $500,000 (€382,450).

According to The Olympian, the boy from Richland Hills, Texas is only 6-year-old. He has been discharged from Fort Worth the following night, and is currently recovering. Doctors assess that his injuries are minor, and did not require any stitching.

Richland Hills police detective Tye Bell has talked to the mother, whom he describes as being in “a very emotional state.”

It is likely that the boy will require counseling after the horrific carving. Dr. Peter Stavinoha, manager of psychiatric services at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, explains that psychological support is a must in cases such as this one. Victims usually rely on friends, family or religion to provide them said support.

“Deliberate abuse or harm breaks trust and the bond between a child and adult.

“In cases where the parent or other adult who caused the injury is sent to jail, the child still may not feel assured that he or she won't be hurt again. [...] Also, when an injury leaves a scar, it becomes a permanent reminder of the traumatic event and can attract attention and questions.

“Trauma is going to stay with a person, but you want to get to a point where you acknowledge it and set it aside,” he details.

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