Texas Execution: Killer Yells “Wow” During Execution by Lethal Injection

Richard Cobb was found guilty of murder in 2002, never disputed his involvement

In 2002, Richard Cobb and a friend shot and killed a man, and shot two women who survived. He never disputed his involvement in the crimes, and was executed by lethal injection this week. He chose to go out “with a bang,” as the saying goes.

According to The Epoch Times, Cobb’s last words betrayed his true nature.

After a brief statement about how “life is death and death is life,” and how he hoped that anyone harboring “any negative energy” towards him would “resolve that” somehow, he made a mockery of the process even as he was dying.

“Wow!” he yelled after the injection was administered and the drugs had started to kick in.

“That is great. That is awesome! Thank you, warden! Thank you [expletive]-ing warden!” Cobb screamed before his head fell on the pillow and he expired.

Cobb’s accomplice in the 2002 murder, Beunka Adams, was executed last year.

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