Tesla Rolls Out East Coast Supercharger Stations

The two charging stations allow people to travel from Washington, D.C. to Boston

Back in September, Tesla unveiled its first supercharger stations on the US West Coast and promised that, by the year 2015, a total of 110 will be made available to Model S drivers across the country.

Apparently, the company is quite eager to stick to this promise, hence its rolling out an additional two 480-volt charging stations, this time on the East Coast.

According to Tree Hugger, these two new charging stations will allow Model S owners to drive between Washington, D.C. and Boston without having to worry about running out of engine power.

Interestingly enough, Tesla plans to one day have these charging stations powered by sun energy alone, thus greening up its agenda even further.

As well as this, the superchargers might one day be compatible with other cars, and not just the Model S.

The charging stations were installed in Milford, Connecticut, and in Wilmington, Delaware.

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