Terrier Puppies Abandoned in a Shoebox, Left to Endure Freezing Temperatures

Those who have found these 7-week-old puppies say their owner is a “cowardly” person

RSPCA inspectors in Beggarswood, Hampshire were rendered speechless when a local called in to report that somebody had left two terrier puppies on his doorstep.

Apparently, their former owner decided that the two dogs were no longer of any use to him and saw fit to simply place them in a shoebox and abandon them in the freezing cold.

Sources report that, because of a skin condition, these two dogs, a male and a female, were also suffering from hair loss. Furthermore, one of them had a discharge coming from his eyes.

“Abandoning animals is cowardly and totally unacceptable and I would urge anyone with information about the person involved to please come forward,” stated RSCPA inspector Jan Edwards.

The RSCPA is now asking that anyone who knows anything about these puppies' former owner contact them and share whatever information they might possess. Still, it is unlikely that the culprit will ever be found.

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