Terraria Receiving Major Update 1.2 on Xbox 360 and PS3

It includes numerous bug fixes and improvements as well as some 1.2 Teaser content

The long-awaited new update for the console version of Terraria has been released and features a number of bug fixes, plus 1.2 Teaser content.

Players will be pleased to know that, among the numerous bug fixes, they will encounter a fixed dungeon tile bug where they were unable to mine dungeon blocks, a fixed box bug, fixed platinum coin stacking bug, as well as a fixed grid rendering when ruler item was equipped.

Moreover, gamers will be able to see that Quick Access Shortcuts are now saved and notice improvements when it comes to Quick Access Shortcuts UI.

In addition, one will encounter a new character selection GUI that is more in line with World Select GUI, some network protocol improvements and Learderboards UI that are now more consistent with other UIs having a shiny yellow highlight instead of a white one.

When it comes to the graphics department, one will be able to notice some slightly improved graphics (no lossy compression for tiles).

On the Xbox 360, users will get to experience big performance improvements that can be noticed especially during a new world generation, mini map creation as well as split screen multi-player.

Furthermore, you have improved, actually smother, lighting in split screen mode as well as improved friend game search. Also, in split screen, players can now leave a session in the pause menu instead of having to sign out like before.

When a player signs in to a split screen multi-player session, he can no longer sign in with a profile that was already signed in, and joining through presence is now only allowed through friends.

PlayStation 3 users will encounter general performance improvements starting from the sound (pitching/panning) as moving on to the message box. Plus, now King Statue affects Santa.

Finally, the teaser incorporates 1.2 updated biome background graphics, new sun and moon graphics as well as new low-tier armor sets and their recipes. Moreover, certain item stack sizes have been increased from 250 to 999 and new animations have been added for water, water sparkles, life crystals, shadow orbs, furnace and hell forge.

This not all, as random sizes for Zombies and Demon Eyes and new enemy sprites such as Pincushion Zombie, Slimed Zombie, Female Zombie, Twiggy Zombie and more will also be available from now on.

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