Terminally Ill 2-Year-Old with Leukemia Walks Parents Down the Aisle

Charlie Harris-Beard only has a few weeks to live

This touching wedding photo hides an emotional story, as parents are walked down the aisle by their two-year-old son with leukemia.

Joe and Fiona Harris-Beard sped up their wedding arrangements after finding out son Charlie only had a few weeks to live.

Everybody wept at St Mary's Church in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, in Britain, as Charlie drove down the aisle in a remote control model car, to deliver the rings.

"There was a lot of love and a lot of joy in the church today," Canon Owain Bell, officiating the ceremony, says.

One cannot begin to understand the sorrow this family must have been feeling on Tuesday, November 20, as they attended the ceremony.

According to the Mirror, their son was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia more than a year ago, on Easter Sunday. At the end of his battle with cancer comes a moment that parents will surely hold dearest.

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