Ted Danson Discusses the Link Between Protecting Oceans and Feeding the World

Green-oriented behavior is part of being a gentleman, the celebrity explains

Some people might yet be unaware of this, but it is now years since Ted Danson first became actively involved in conservation projects intended to protect marine wildlife.

Thus, ever since 2001, the celebrity has been busy managing the working agenda of Oceana as a board member of this green-oriented organization.

Other famous supporters of Oceana are Morgan Freeman, Kate Walsh and Adrian Grenier.

As Ted Hanson explains in the video above, looking after our oceans is not just about protecting wildlife.

Quite the contrary, it also has a lot to do with making sure human society avoids a potential food crisis by not abusing the resources it has at its disposal.

“I think a gentleman is more likely to step up and do the right thing in the moment,” the celebrity further explains in an attempt to get more people to become involved in ocean conservation.

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