Temptations Singer Otis “Damon” Harris Dies

Legendary singer loses battle with prostate cancer, the industry is in mourning

Otis “Damon” Harris, once part of the iconic group The Temptations, has died, losing his 14-year-long battle with prostate cancer, it has emerged.

The 62-year-old, 3-time Grammy winning singer had become a very active spokesperson for various cancer-involved charities and campaigns in recent years, urging men to get regular prostate exams because he had waited for too long before he got his, The Chicago Tribune reports.

His spokesperson says that his cancer went into remission 3 years ago, but, last summer, it came back worse than ever.

Harris died in the hospital.

He will for ever be remembered by the music industry and music fans from all over the world, who are now in mourning after his passing.

Above is one of the most popular tracks from The Temptations.

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