Telstra Warns Users of Fake “MMS” Emails Containing Malware

The cybercriminals behind the Wauchos malware have moved operations to Australia

Telstra – the Australian telecommunications and media company – is warning users about malicious emails that purport to come from

“HOAX WARNING: Email scam. Don't open email from this is not from Telstra & contains phishing malware,” the company’s representatives wrote on Twitter.

Although I haven’t been able to track down the email in question, judging by the email address, the campaign might be related to the “MMS” campaign that has recently targeted Vodafone users.

When the volume of spam emails reached its peak in the UK, around one week ago, experts reported that the fake messages were designed to serve the Wauchos malware.

It’s likely that the cybercriminals have moved their operations to Australia and replaced Vodafone with Telstra.

This theory is confirmed by the fact that ESET’s Virus Radar shows that Wauchos infections have moved to Australia and New Zealand, accounting for 14% of the total malware detections.

I advise users to be extra careful if presented with shady MMS emails, regardless of whether they appear to originate from Telstra or other telecoms company.

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