“Tell Us About Your First Mac” – Apple Asks for Your Feedback

On its 30th anniversary, the Mac gets a well-deserved celebration on Apple.com

Apple has filled its web site with Macintosh cheer today, January 24, 2014. The reason? The Mac is turning 30, and the company wants you all to think back to your first model.

On its home page, the Cupertino giant is featuring a nicely crafted timeline which takes visitors through every Mac ever built, from the legendary 1984 model to the all-new Mac Pro that looks like something out of a science-fiction movie.

On the 1984 section, Apple greets visitors with an endearing story about the first-ever Mac, complete with a brief history of how the computer came into existence, photos of the original Macintosh team, etc.

“The one that started it all — the original Macintosh — wasn’t just a computer. It was a declaration that the power of the computer now belonged to everyone. At the time, most people didn’t even know how to use one. But thanks to the simple graphical interface of the Macintosh, they didn’t have to,” Apple says.

“It was approachable and friendly, starting with the smiley face that greeted you. There were folders that looked like file folders and a trash can for throwing things away,” the description continues.

“And with the click of a mouse, you could suddenly do the unimaginable. You could move things around on the screen, change the way they looked, combine words with images and sounds, and create like never before. A new era had begun,” Apple proudly states.

Scroll back to the bottom of that page and you’ll notice something interesting. Apple wants your story: “Tell us about your first Mac,” it says.

There, you'll be asked to choose the model you started with, choose a country, and select your line of work (at that time), helping Apple assess how that Mac was mostly used by people like you. For example, the first Mac was mainly used for music production. Who would have thought?

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