Telekinesis: Man in China Caught on Camera Moving Objects with His Mind

The 84-man was filmed using Chi energy to move and break objects

AsianTown blog gives us this amazing video, which is trending in China right now, of a man filmed by a TV crew showing off his strange ability. He can move and even break objects using only the power of his mind.

It sounds and looks unbelievable, but this is not the first recorded case of telekinesis. Many “godmen” in China and India have proven their ability to move objects, bend spoons or break bottles without touching them, during public displays.

The 84-year-old man from China claims to use his Qi (Chi) energy to manipulate foreign objects, as well as to make his own body impenetrable.

These techniques have long been attributed to Buddhist monks, who, after years of training and meditation, can supposedly make their bodies immune to sharp objects and powerful blows.

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