Telefónica to Heavily Promote Windows Phone 8 Devices

It plans to increase WP8 sales in the U.K., Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile

Today, Microsoft and Telefónica announced an agreement aimed at increasing sales of Windows Phone 8 devices, through enhanced marketing efforts.

As part of the agreement, the telecoms giant will increase its marketing activities to support the sales of Windows Phone 8 handsets in the U.K., Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile for one initial year, the two announced.

The wireless carrier announced that it is committed to increasing its commercial offering of mobile devices so as to encourage the emergence of more mobile operating systems in addition to Android and iOS.

The carrier also notes that these efforts will allow it to provide users with a more personal smartphone experience, such as the one that Windows Phone can deliver.

Through promoting Windows Phone 8, users will be those to benefit the most, as they will have more options to choose from, the duo also said.

“An associate partner such as Microsoft is chosen as a result of its operator-focused business approach,” José María Álvarez Pallete, COO of Telefónica S.A, said.

“The Microsoft business culture is based on a model of value creation through its partners, which fits in perfectly with our culture and also with our way of doing business.

Telefónica is set to provide Windows Phone 8 devices to its enterprise customers, offering business features such as Office 365 and SharePoint.

End users will also be offered appealing features, including Skydrive and Xbox, enabling them to further take advantage of a mobile environment that’s always connected to the Internet.

The carrier will also focus on increasing the market demand for Windows Phone 8, while also working together with suppliers so that high-end WP8 smartphones will be available for its customers.

“We are excited to work with Telefónica to market Windows Phone 8 devices to more customers in the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Chile, bringing them a more personal smartphone experience with the speed of Telefónica’s network,” Terry Myerson, corporate vice president, Windows Phone Division at Microsoft.

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