Telecom Italia Hacked by Anonymous, 30,000 Credential Sets Stolen

The breach is part of the global November 5 campaign

Anonymous hacktivists claim to have breached the systems of Telecom Italia, Italy’s largest telecommunications company.

The hacktivists have stated that the organization’s systems are plagued by over 3,000 vulnerabilities and errors that can be leveraged by “third parties” to access sensitive information.

The hackers say they’ve gained access to over 30,000 credential sets, including social security numbers, social insurance numbers and user passwords. However, they’ve only published some data samples in order to protect the affected individuals.

The information posted online consists not only of a small number of user credentials, social security numbers and social insurance numbers, but also of the details of cross-site scripting (XSS) flaws, Apache errors, and directory listing issues.

According to their statement, the attack on Telecom Italia is part of the November 5 global operation launched by Anonymous hackers from all over the world.

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