TeleNav Launches GPS Navigation Service with Traffic Rerouting

Real-time traffic incident alerts, congestion information and rerouting for Sprint's customers

TeleNav unveiled the first mobile phone-based GPS navigation service with intelligent traffic notification and rerouting functionality at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Currently offering turn-by-turn, GPS-enabled voice and on-screen navigation services to Sprint customers, the TeleNav GPS Navigator will offer a new capability, TeleNav Traffic, that regularly monitors traffic and alerts users of slowdowns and incidents along their routes. With just one click, TeleNav Traffic will reroute users in order to minimize travel time, taking into account the latest traffic conditions. As travel incidents and road congestion occur, TeleNav Traffic alerts the user with a voice and onscreen prompt. Customers can press "0" to choose an alternative route or they can continue along the original route. TeleNav Traffic calculates and provides an ongoing estimated time of arrival to their destinations based on the latest traffic information. Customers can also view traffic-flow information on a map and see details of monitored situations.

"TeleNav is consistently making history in the U.S. when it comes to mobile phone-based navigation," said Dr. H.P. Jin, TeleNav's co-founder, president and CEO. "We were the first to launch a GPS navigation system on a mobile phone, first to launch 3D maps on a mobile phone, and are now the first to provide intelligent traffic and simple, one-click rerouting on a mobile phone. Not only have we met the quality and effectiveness of other, more expensive navigation systems, but we have exceeded them."

TeleNav Traffic is currently available on three Sprint wireless phones including Motorola's MOTORAZR V3m and MOTOKRZR K1m; and KATANA by Sanyo. TeleNav GPS Navigator is offered to Sprint customers for $9.99 per month for unlimited use. TeleNav Traffic will be offered at no additional charge through June 30, 2007, for Sprint customers subscribing to TeleNav GPS Navigator on TeleNav Traffic-supported phones. After that date, TeleNav Traffic will be available for $3.99 per month.

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