Teens Force Kitten to Get High on Cannabis

The animal is held fast over a bong, made to inhale the fumes

A 14-year-old boy from Nelson Bay, New Zealand, recently decided to have some fun by forcing a cat to get high on cannabis.

Thus, together with one of his friends, the boy simply picked up the animal and held it fast over a bong, leaving the kitten with no choice but to inhale the fumes.

Being quite proud of his deed, the boy uploaded a picture of him, his friend, the kitten and the bong on Facebook. As one can easily imagine, this led to both the local SPCA and police receiving complaints from concerned citizens.

Hayden Kennedy, one of the people who saw fit to inform the authorities with respect to this 14-year-old's actions made a case of how, “I was disgusted because joke or not it's animal cruelty. Holding a kitten into a bong - I don't know what he was thinking.”

Sources say that, for the time being, the teens are being charged with animal abuse and that a judge is soon to decide how they can make amends for their reckless actions.

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