Teens Break into Police Chief’s House in Texas

The pair were scared off by an alarm and made a run for it

Two teenagers from Texas have been charged with burglary for breaking into a home that belongs to the local chief of police.

17-year-old Conner Hinton and Taylor Nuttal of Sugar Land, Texas allegedly entered the residence through the back door. They got in the yard by prying apart a few boards from the property fence.

According to police spokesman Doug Adolph speaking for the Houston Chronicle, officers responded to a 911 call at 2000 block of Holly Glade on Friday, at 11:45 a.m.

They found that the house being robbed belonged to Police Chief Doug Brinkley. Questioning neighbors, they learned that two men jumped a fence to escape when an alarm went off inside.

Brinkley has held a press conference, confirming the news about the burglary.

"Unfortunately my house was broken into last Friday. [...] Anybody can be a victim of a crime - even the police chief," he says.

KHOU Houston details that the teenagers didn't manage to grab anything, having the alarm scare "them away to get out sooner."

Hinton and Nutall were spotted in their vehicle a few blocks away, with neighbors reporting suspicious activity regarding a vehicle stationed in front of their house.

Police were able to quickly locate the car and apprehend the teens. They were detained and released on bail. Hinton was wearing a court ordered ankle monitor when he was approached by reporters.

"Y’all have the wrong information," he describes, making no further comments.

Sugar Land is "still one of the safest cities in America," Brinkley adds. GQ recently listed the town as America's 20th Safest City, due to its low crime rate.

However, a home burglaries task force has been set up, with the community working with law enforcement to ensure the safety of the town.

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