Teenager's Anti-Obama Tweet About Moving to Australia Goes Viral

Kristen Neel's tweet amuses and enrages a lot of Australians, and a few Americans

18-year-old Kristen Neel's post-election tweet is one for posterity, as this teen demonstrates that politics and a complete lack of information about world geography don't mix.

“I'm moving to Australia, because their president is a Christian and actually supports what he says,” Kristen writes, as part of her Anti-Obama rant.

Kristen, a Georgia resident and probably a Republican, was not aware of the fact that Australia is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy – it has no president, and the prime minister is Julia Gillard, obviously a woman.

She had to cancel her account, as more than 1,400 people retweeted her comment in one night, the Australian Herald Sun reports.

Probably the funniest response to her message was posted by Ian Cuthbertson, TV editor at The Australian.

“Our Prime Minister is a woman, an atheist who lives with a man she hasn't married. I don't think you'd like it here,” he says.

User Post_rock0 just adds to the humiliation, by suggesting she had her continents mixed up.

“I think you meant Antarctica. Move there,” the user says.

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