Teenager Spooks Mother with Grand Canyon Photo, Creates Meme

A daughter's doctored photo of herself falling off a cliff goes viral

A digitally modified photo of a teenager in danger becomes a meme-generator, as the photograph makes a splash on Reddit.

The picture was, of course, a hoax recreated by superimposing cutouts in Photoshop, meant to give one user's mother a scare.

“Mom was worried about my trip to the Grand Canyon, I sent her this picture” was written in the photo's description.

According to Know Your Meme, in the first 24 hours, Redditors upvoted the shot 98,400 times and downvoted it more than 94,500 times. 3,300 users commented on the deranged, yet funny and original snapshot.

It turns out that, whether you like it or hate it, you cannot ignore the picture. I can imagine some sided with the worried parents of the girl, who could have launched a massive search for her in response to her message.

Similar posts started popping out in the following days, with taglines such as “Mom was worried about my move to a high rise apartment, I sent her these pictures.”

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