Teenager Launches Twitter Account to Spread Compliments for Classmates

A high-school student launches a simple and effective anti-bullying campaign

“A Sincere Compliment” is the initiative of a high-school student who, inspired by anti-bullying campaigns, decided to make a change.

Instead of trashing his classmates, he realized he would be better off saying nice things about them online.

It's strange that such a thing would be in the news, but I am so used to hearing of people writing vicious things about each other, especially young people, that his project comes as a breath of fresh air.

Jeremiah Anthony, from Iowa, put up Twitter handle @Westhighbros for exactly this purpose – writing positive messages. He presents it as a way of fighting bullying and creating a sense of communion in the classroom.

Jeremiah created the account in October 2011 and has since been able to send out over 3,200 tweets, Iowa City Patch writes.

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