Teen Shoots Dog with an Arrow, Kills It

Caisen Green then takes a picture of the dead animal, posts it on Facebook

A teenager living in Oklahoma now finds himself on the run, following his killing a dog and uploading a picture of the animal's carcass on Facebook.

More precisely, the chain of events goes a little bit like this: Caisen Green, as this teen is named, shot the dog with an arrow and ended up fatally injuring it.

The teen then wished to brag about his deed and took a picture of the dead animal, which he uploaded on his personal Facebook profile.

This led to Caisen's receiving death threats from animal lovers all across the country.

By the looks of it, there were few (if any at all) who took kindly to the comment accompanying Caisen Green's picture of the dead dog: “For all you Pit lovers out there. Here's what happens when one shows up around my house.”

According to Daily Mail, the police are out looking for this teen, and are quite eager to chitchat with him for a while.

Since the incident, Caisen Green's picture of the dead dog has been taken down, and his Facebook profile has been deactivated.

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