Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Wants a Divorce ASAP

Reality star has miscarriage scare, husband of 2 months is conveniently out of town

Just last week, Jenelle Evans, the troubled star of MTV’s reality show “Teen Mom,” announced that she and husband of 2 months Courtland Rogers were expecting their first child together. She’s now saying on Twitter that she wants a divorce “ASAP.”

Those who watch “Teen Mom” must already know that both Evans and Rogers tend to document everything on their Twitter.

Also known is the fact that their relationship was extremely volatile from the start, with infidelity and drug allegations emerging online since their first weeks of dating.

Infidelity might also be behind Jenelle’s latest rant, according to reports online and her Twitter feed.

Apparently, earlier this week, the reality star, who is about 7 weeks pregnant, was rushed to the hospital on a miscarriage scare.

While this was going on, Courtland had been MIA for some time, sending Jenelle later a text message to say he’d gone out of town with his buddies to party.

Meanwhile, women who knew he was married to Jenelle reached out to her to let her know that he’d been cheating on her – with them, no less.

Bottom line: Jenelle has had it.

“I am getting a divorce, ASAP. YOU [expletive]-ING LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIGE?! [expletive] U, U [expletive]-ING PIECE OF [expletive],” an obviously angry Jenelle writes on her Twitter.

“I’m in shock. Going to chill with an old friend, lmao, finally now that I have freedom back,” she adds in a later post, presumably after she’s calm enough to stop using CAPS.

“And now he just won’t answer the phone,” the reality star ends her rant by saying.

Rogers might not be answering his phone but he is talking to the press. In a brief interview with Radar Online, he admits to messing up badly, and adds that he just wants Jenelle to know that he knows he was wrong and is willing to make amends for it.

As for why he won’t tell her these things to her face or at least over the phone, that’s anybody’s guess right now.

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