Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Really Loves Ke$ha – Video

Most ridiculous conversation takes place on “Teen Mom 2”

Just recently, Ke$ha made headlines for saying she once asked her fans to send her their teeth so she could make a bra out of them. As it turns out, some fans would even risk legal complications just to see her live in concert.

The perpetually troubled Jenelle Evans of “Teen Mom 2” had to choose between doing a short prison sentence (and “get it done with”) or face extended probation after failing a drug test.

The video below is the conversation that ensued when faced with this possibility.

Note how it’s not being away from her son Jace that makes for the final argument in favor of not doing jail time, but rather the fact that she’s bought second-row tickets to Ke$ha’s show.

“You don't understand, this is my idol. It's not just a concert, it's Ke$ha. The girl that I watch videos on YouTube 30 times a day, like I'm obsessed with this girl,” Evans reasons with her attorney.

In the end, she chooses Ke$ha and extended probation. As the saying goes, priorities, this girl has them.

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