Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Is Still on Heroin, Says Husband

Video of Courtland Rogers doing drugs, talking about the reality star emerges online

Jenelle Evans, star of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2,” recently had a miscarriage, while engaging in a public spat with her husband Courtland Rogers on Twitter. Rogers is now saying that she lost the baby because she never stopped using drugs.

Amidst speculation that MTV is considering pulling the plug on the show because of the negative media attention Jenelle is getting because of her addiction and behavior issues, Courtland is only pouring more fuel to the fire.

In a video obtained by Radar Online, which sees him snorting lines of a white substance an insider confirms was heroin, he says Jenelle miscarried because she never went off drugs while pregnant.

“That’s why she had a miscarriage. The whole time I’m telling Jenelle you can’t be doing this [expletive]. It’s going to kill our baby,” he says.

He also explains why he’s snorting so much of the white substance: because Jenelle broke his heart. This means that the video was most likely shot (without his knowledge) after Jenelle went after him on Twitter and then filed a police report against him alleging domestic violence.

Rogers denies he ever laid a hand on her, and insists that even her doctor knew she was still doing drugs because, when she went for a checkup at six weeks, he “asked her why she had opiates in her system.”

“It was her first trimester. I knew something bad was going to happen,” he says.

As for Jenelle’s decision to go off her bipolar medication, her husband shares that he “[would] rather her doing her bipolar meds than heroin.”

The shocking video is available at the link in the third paragraph, but *please note that discretion is recommended when viewing it because it contains images of drug use and language that might offend.

A publicist for Evans tells the Daily Mail this is a classic case of sour grapes and the Rogers is trying to “get back” at her for dumping him.

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