Ted Cruz’s Filibuster on Obamacare: Obama Compared to Darth Vader

Cruz has been on the stand for 18 hours and 23 minutes

During the 4th longest filibuster in Senate history, senator Ted Cruz compared Obama to Darth Vader and the current US administration to the Empire.

“I will confess that phrase, ‘a rebellion against oppression,’ conjured up to me the Rebel Alliance fighting against the Empire, the Empire being the Washington, DC, establishment,” he clarifies.

The mention was made at around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, near the completion of his speech. Cruz has tried to get the health care law cut off from funding.

Washington Times describes that he took the floor at 2:41 on Tuesday and held it for 18 hours and 23 minutes. The filibuster ended at 9:04 this morning.

ABC News adds that he wore comfortable black tennis shoes. He is allowed to answer questions during the filibuster, and he has been helped by Republican senators, Mike Lee, R-Utah, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Florida's Marco Rubio.

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