Teaser of MSI G-Series Motherboard with Bigfoot Killer NIC Network Controller

The mainboard isn't pictured in full, but it is obviously game-centric

If a multiplayer game is experiencing lag, it usually isn't because of the local area network, or even the network card of the motherboard.

Still, there are some cases where an intelligent network controller can help by prioritizing games over torrents, updates or anything else using the bandwidth.

MSI will soon release the G-Series motherboard, equipped with a Bigfoot Killer NIC latency optimized network controller.

It will use LGA 1155 CPUs and is colored black and red. The VRM and chipset heatsinks have a very draconian theme, as seen in the picture above.

Bigfoot Killer E2200 is a controller made by Qualcomm-Atheros.

Micro-Star International should have the product ready by CeBIT (March 2013). Given how keen the world is for leaks though, the specifications and price may come out before then.

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