TeamSpeak 3 Gets Massive Update

The latest version of TeamSpeak 3 can be downloaded from Softpedia

TeamSpeak 3, flexible, powerful, and scalable application that grants the users the ability to customize and tailor their voice communication needs, is now at version 3.0.14.

The TeamSpeak software has been around for a long time and the developers had time to implement a long list of features. Even so, there is still room for improvements and the changelog proves that there is still work to be done.

TeamSpeak 3 is an application designed to work on multiple platforms, both for the client and server, including Linux 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Even better, the same features are spread across all the platforms.

The application also comes with a cross-platform Software Development Kit (SDK) which enables full-featured voice integration within existing products or services including online games, virtual worlds, educational programs, military simulators, you name it.

“TeamSpeak 3 now features fully integrated 3D sound support which allows spatial placement of sound effects and audio streams. This creates the illusion of a sound source being placed anywhere in three dimensional space, including behind, to the left of, to the right of, above, or below the listener. The possibilities and applications of 3D sound are virtually endless with TeamSpeak 3,” reads the official website.

One of the biggest changes implemented in TeamSpeak 3 3.0.14 is the switch to Qt 5.2.1 and all compilers, runtime and third party libraries have been updated accordingly.

Also, Iconpacks can now be provided as a zip file, but the custom iconpacks are still supported and the icons in the extracted folders take priority over zip archives, if both exist.

The developers also explained that the plugin SDK is now distributed as zip archive in The old pluginsdk folder will no longer be update and the original files will be automatically deleted when the next update will be performed.

The https support has been finally implemented, and now the client can now load and display remote icons from https pages. This also means that an https server banner will now work as it should after the next server release.

Other improvements include memory usage and overall performance optimizations, a new isDown parameter to support PTT key bindings, the system tray icon is now hidden by default due to incompatibilities with Qt and freedesktop tray icon standards, and more.

The full changelog for this massive updated to get more informations about the new features, bugfixes, and improvements. You can also download TeamSpeak 3 3.0.14 right now from Softpedia.

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