TeamBerserk Says It’s Leaving the Hacking Scene for a While

They've published a list of all their major hacks

Hackers of TeamBerserk say they plan on leaving the hacking scene, at least for a while. The team’s members are confident that despite their numerous hack attacks, law enforcement authorities are not even close to identifying them.

“TeamBerserk is going #dark for a while until further notice. MechAnimA has just got out of jail. Gutts and MechAnimA will be working on some other projects together. D0n and other members are too busy with their personal affairs at the moment to be active,” TeamBerserk stated.

They’ve published a list of all their major hacks and related media coverage.

The organizations they’ve targeted include the US Office of Personnel Management, HITRUST, Interactive Data, CITIC, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, New Mexico ISP Plateau, The West Australian, Loretto Telecom, and California-based ISP Sebastian.

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