Team GhostShell Targets African Organizations, Leaks 700,000 Records

The hackers have joined forces with Anonymous South Africa

Hacktivists from Team GhostShell have initiated ProjectSunRise, a campaign that focuses on “Africa’s heart.” As part of this operation, the hackers have targeted organizations from South Africa, but also from other countries such as Nigeria, Algeria, Kenya and Angola.

“In South Africa things have become progressively worse since Mandela stepped down. The gangs have become stronger, bigger, and more ruthless than ever. We rest on our Loral's that we are a free nation however all that has happened is the poor have become poorer and the rich have become richer,” Team GhostShell said.

“Companies like Anglo American have decimated our vast natural resources and have paid our local workers next to nothing. In a result of that they have become angry leading to multiple strikes that have crippled our economy,” they added.

The targeted organizations are African Reinsurance Corporation, Woolworths Holdings Limited, South African Diamond Corporation, BEE Network, Allied Technology International, I llovo Corporation, Omni-ID, Ornico Marketing, Moolmans Africa Mining Corporation, Angola's National Diamond Corporation.

The target list also includes the South African Express Petroleum, Sasol Corporation, Kenyan Business Directory, PostNet Internet Services, several state universities, an Algerian government website, and a number of mining companies.

In total, the hackers claim to have published around 700,000 records from these organizations.

“The data here ranges from government, banking, mining, petroleum, management, networking, transport services, construction, education/academics, other enterprises,” they stated.

“This project also ended up coinciding with one of our off-scene black operations regarding the oil industries in North Africa. Ties with the CIA have been made inside Angola and as such we'll release a small teaser about it as well to promote this.”

Team GhostShell and Anonymous Operations South Africa have joined forces in an effort to rid the country of corruption, crime and poverty. Here is the video that announces their partnership:

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