Team GhostShell Hacks University of Arkansas Computer Store

Large amounts of data have been leaked from the affected site's database

Members of Team GhostShell have managed to gain unauthorized access to the official computer store of the University of Arkansas ( The breach was meant as a form of protest against the recent law enforcement operations that targeted hackers.

The hackers have dumped tens of thousands of records, comprising names, addresses, phone numbers, departments, zip codes, and local codes. However, they reveal that they possess around 100,000 accounts from the targeted site’s databases.

“There's something we should probably mention though, this place has been breached more than once,” the hackers explained.

“So you could say that we've helped you this time, by revealing your vulnerability and exposing the fact that your databases have been spoofed and that you should most likely look into it before it's too late.”

The blackhats also threaten that each time authorities arrest a hacker, they will return with more “dangerous information leaks.”

Because the data dump contains the precise location of the vulnerability in the University of Arkansas Computer Store, we will not link to it.

However, you can take a look at the hackers’ statement regarding their reasons for breaching the site:

Within these past few weeks, we've sat by idly while important hackers from all over the world have quietly been compromised and arrested. From the US to Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Austria, India, Thailand and even China. Us blackhats, have played nicely long enough.

From now on, each time someone from our collective gets busted, we will make sure you pay. Literally. If you can't let us do our damn work, then we won't let you sleep in peace either. Don't mistake us with some rookies with half [expletive] morals.

We are prepared to fight you governments to the death even at the cost of some collateral damage. We learned that in this world you can't change something with just pretty words. Therefore... This will be a first warning. STOP looking for us or we WILL make you regret it!

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