Team Fortress 2 Update Adds New Items to Medieval Mode

Plenty of other bug fixes and improvements are included in the patch

Team Fortress 2 has just received a brand new update on the PC version via Steam, which adds new items to the Medieval mode as well as quite a few new bug fixes and other improvements.

Team Fortress 2 has been around for quite some time yet the online shooter has continued to keep people immersed in the experience by releasing all sorts of new updates with fresh content and new gameplay modes.

Now, a brand new patch has just surfaced on the Steam platform for the PC version of Team Fortress 2. It adds quite a few special items to Medieval mode while fixing plenty of glitches reported by users, from crashes and sound bugs to missing names for certain things.

Check out the full list of changes included in the latest Team Fortress 2 update below, via Steam.

"- Added The Robo-Sandvich, The Festive Sandvich, The Festive Buff Banner, and The Festive Huntsman to the list of items allowed in Medieval mode

- The Prize Plushy can now get assists in Pyrovision

- Fixed a server crash caused by players bleeding to death

- Fixed spectator bots picking up the bomb in Mann Vs. Machine

- Fixed The Bazaar Bargain counting crit-boosted body-shots as headshots

- Fixed The Festive Holy Mackerel using the wrong sounds

- Fixed Strange Buff Banner and Strange Sandvich not always tracking usage

- Fixed seeing the fire texture on The Soldier's Stogie in DirectX 8

- Fixed missing style names for The Barnstormer

- Fixed the achievement "The Great Deflate" not counting certain Balloonicorn and Reindoonicorn items

- Updated paint effects for The Hot Dogger, The Salty Dog, The Counterfeit Billycock, and The Cold Killer

- Updated the localization files"

The new update is already live on Steam and will be automatically downloaded the next time you start up the service's client and are connected to the internet.

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