TeaMp0isoN Confirm TriCk’s Arrest, “Operation Retaliation” Starts (Updated)

Besides MI6, Pastebin is also on the list of targets

Members of TeaMp0isoN have confirmed that United Kingdom authorities have arrested the leader of the collective, known on the hacking scene as TriCk. However, the hackers state that this is not the end of TeaMp0isoN, a retaliation operation being planned.

“It has been confirmed that our comrade TriCk was arrested. We aren't going anywhere. We do not fear any 3 letter agency. Expect us,” wrote F0rsaken, a member of the crew.

Initially, the hackers denied that their leader ended up in custody, but they motivate their statement based on the fact that they expected TriCk to be away for a couple of days.

“Like I said before about him being okay, he stated he was preparing for an exam for the next 2 days. We were skeptical,” F0rsaken explained.

According to the hacktivists, the second individual that was arrested was not a member of TeaMp0isoN.

“No charges have been brought against TriCk, they have been interrogating him for the past 48 hours which means he isn't snitching so easily,” he said.

Not long after these tweets, Operation Retaliation was announced.

“I ask you, a fellow hacker, as a blackhat, to rise, to unite and to fight. For years the hacking scene for the most part has been misrepresented by skids, who have inevitably led to the copious amounts of [expletive] and [expletive] which currently pollutes the scene,” the hackers wrote on Pastebin.

“Whitehats continue to lurk and grow, and nothing is preventing them from disclosing exploits. As a collective we have to stop this, to ascend out of the underground and show the world we are not [expletive]-ing around, something which TriCk firmly believed in.”

While the main target of Operation Retaliation remains the Secret Intelligence Service MI6, there’s another site whose owners have upset the hacktivists.

TeaMp0isoN have obtained a number of emails between the admins of Consternation Security and the ones of Pastebin, and leaking them all online.

“Pastebin: You are on the list. Releasing IP addresses to non LE of our Pasties + Others is wrong. Prepare for mayhem,” F0rsaken said.

It’s uncertain if the data leak is genuine, but if it’s not, someone went through a lot of trouble forging the tens of emails.

Update. The video has been removed because the hackers inform us that it's not official, being made by someone who's unrelated to the group.

Update 2. iHAZCANDY of Consternation Security has clarified that the leaked emails are legitimate. However, Consternation Security wasn’t hacked. They were actually the ones who leaked the emails to publicly disclose the IP addresses to INTERPOL and to get back at the owner of Pastebin.

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