Tea Made from Coffee Might Be the Healthiest Brew Ever

One cup of coffee leaf tea can help those suffering with diabetes, cancer, heart disease

Choosing between coffee and tea is not something easily done, especially if one takes into consideration not just how these two brews taste, but also the health benefits they pose.

A team of specialists working with the Royal Botanic Gardens in London and Montpellier, France now claim that public health would only improve if people were to start drinking a so-called tea made from coffee.

These researchers claim that, should one collect coffee leaves and use them to make tea, the resulting beverage would pack significant amounts of drinker-friendly chemical compounds.

These chemical compounds are quite likely to help those suffering with cancer, high levels of cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease feel better.

As well as this, sources report that one cup of tea made from coffee leaves would contain less caffeine than said drink does, meaning that it could be drunk by a wider variety of people.

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