Tchibo Sold Slide Scanners with Pre-Installed Conficker Malware

The threat can be easily removed, but customers can also return the item and get a refund

Tchibo, the famous German coffee company and retailer, has been selling $80 (60 EUR) 35mm slide scanners infected with the notorious Conficker malware.

Hama, the company that manufactures the affected scanners, has told heise Security that the malware-laden devices were only sold through Tchibo’s stores.

The Conficker malware appears to have infected the DCIM.exe and autorun.inf files from the devices. While Microsoft has made sure that autorun.inf files can’t be abused by malware, the .exe file can still cause a lot of damage on computers not properly protected by antivirus software.

According to an advisory published on the company’s website, the malware is easy to clean with any type of antivirus solution. They even provide links to antivirus applications and instructions for more inexperienced users on how to clean malware from computers.

However, customers are informed that they can also return the items and get a refund.

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