Taylor Swift’s Father Warns Harry Styles: Don’t Break My Daughter’s Heart!

Scott Kingsley Swift wants the two love birds to “cool down”

They’ve only been dating for a few weeks but things are getting really serious really fast between Taylor Swift and One Direction singer Harry Styles. Taylor’s own father is worried that they might be rushing into things, says a new unconfirmed report.

Scott Kingsley Swift, the country singer’s father, knows his daughter’s history with men, which is why he’s eager to do whatever he can to protect her from future heartbreak.

This includes sending out a stern warning to Harry not to break his daughter’s heart and to “cool it down” for a while, an unnamed insider says for The Sun.

“He likes Harry but he wants them to slow down and take things easy. It's clear to everyone they are smitten with one another and are already talking about marriage,” the spy says.

Mr. Swift isn’t looking to have the two split but, if he can do anything about it, he’d rather they didn’t rush into things like this, not when there’s so much at stake.

“He doesn't want them to split up. Harry is head over heels for Taylor and even admitted he loves her while they were in the Big Apple,” the insider explains.

The two spent both Christmas and New Year’s together. The latter holiday saw them ringing in the New Year in New York and sharing a tender kiss when the ball dropped, as we also informed you at the time.

Also then, reports said, Harry confessed to Taylor that he loved her and was looking forward to spending as much time together as possible.

She, on the other hand, has long been thinking of marriage and even babies, if one is to believe ongoing reports.

Taylor is known for falling in love fast and deeply, and this is also the case with the Harry romance, it is being said.

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