Taylor Swift Was Totally Irked by John Mayer’s Presence at the ACM Awards 2013

Report says she pulled major strings to avoid running into him at any time during the gala

It’s been years since their ill-fated romance that later became her hit song “Dear John,” but Taylor Swift is still pretty sore about the way she and John Mayer ended things, says a new report. Specifically about how he dumped her and broke her heart.

In fact, she’s so sore to this day that, at the ACM Awards 2013 earlier this month, she went out of her way to make sure she wouldn’t run into him, Us Weekly reports.

Even so, it “irked” her that he was there because that was supposed to be her big night and he totally ruined it for her by simply showing up, the mag writes.

“Sunday, April 7, should have been a great night for Taylor Swift. She was nominated in five categories at the Academy of Country Music Awards, she had a gorgeous scene-stealing gold dress for the red carpet, and she was scheduled to perform with Keith Urban and Tim McGraw — a star she once sang about in her first-ever single, ‘Tim McGraw’,” Us writes.

That was before she found out that Mayer would also be at the awards show and even up on stage to perform.

What’s even worse, Mayer was initially scheduled to perform before Swift, so she pulled all the strings she could pull and made sure she got priority.

“One insider says Swift, 23, put on ‘a stink’ about her ex-boyfriend’s performance. ‘She said she had to go on earlier than him,’ the source tells Us of the songwriter,” the publication writes.

“The country star got her way in the end, but a second insider says Swift ‘was just really bitter that night’ — especially after she didn’t win anything,” adds the same report.

Taylor felt so low at the end of the awards show that she bailed on the afterparty and went straight home.

“John just being there irked her,” the insider says.

Swift’s rep tells Us the story is “absolutely false.”

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