Taylor Swift Unveils New ‘Do: Straight Hair and Bangs

Singer goes for a different, much sleeker look

Country singer Taylor Swift is also known, aside from her unmistakable voice and wonderful music, for her curly locks and a very innocent look. Last night, the star stepped out about town with a new ‘do, with straight hair and long bangs, which has generated quite a frenzy with fans on the Internet, as the Post Chronicle informs.

It’s not uncommon for stars to change their ‘do from one day to the other but, when we have a star as big as Taylor (and big she is, having already been named by many specialized publications the best selling young artist of the year), who, to cap it all off, has made a reputation for herself with her trademark curls, the change can prove to be quite a shock. Most of the fans, however, tend to believe that the sleeker ‘do is more sophisticated and mature, therefore suits her better.

“Taylor Swift has changed her hair to a straight style. Taylor Swift recently had a haircut and changed the style from curly to straight. Fans are clamoring to see the photos and it created quite a buzz on the world wide web yesterday. Taylor was spotted at a restaurant in New York City on Wednesday with the sleek new ‘do, her picture was promptly posted on the Access Hollywood Web site. The response has been very positive. Everyone, it seems, likes Swift’s straight hair,” the aforementioned media outlet writes.

It is not known yet whether the change was just a one-night thing or on a more permanent basis. However, should fans’ reactions be any indication, it would probably suit Taylor better if she kept it for a while longer, especially considering that she’s about to turn 20, which means she could use to part with her all too innocent image to adopt a more mature and stylish one. However, no matter what she decides, at least she must know now for a fact that her fans will always love her.

As we also reported recently, Taylor Swift is one of the favorites for the Grammy Awards this year, having been nominated in no less than 8 categories. Ahead of her is only Beyonce, who wins the nominations race by a long shot, with 10 nods.

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