Taylor Swift Sues over Alleged Lewd Leaked Photo

Country star says photo is tarnishing her image, is a fake

One celebrity gossip website is about to get into really serious trouble: two months after posting a photo of a topless girl and claiming it was Taylor Swift, the singer is threatening legal action.

As of now, the photo is still online, but Swift is said to have already instructed her legal representatives to make sure that doesn't happen for much longer.

The photo shows a girl that looks like Taylor (but isn't her according to her camp and her loyal fans), reclining on a bed. She's wearing nothing but panties.

The website that uploaded it, AceShowbiz informs, makes not the slightest attempt to say that the girl only looks like Taylor, but says out loud that it's her.

Now, her people want to have the photo pulled from the site because it's ruining her good girl image – on false pretenses no less.

“Taylor Swift is preparing for a legal battle against a gossip website for tampering her squeaky-clean image,” AceShowbiz writes.

“The 'Back to December' singer has through her lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to Celeb Jihad around two months after it posted a topless picture of a girl resembling her,” adds the e-zine.

The letter accuses the website of running false lewd pictures of the singer, as well as printing false “news” about her, which can only end up alienating her fan base, who has come to love her good girl image.

“A representative for the site told TMZ that it was considering its options, while to Gossip Cop, it claimed that the shot of 'Taylor Swift shall stay up',” the e-zine further says of the website's reaction to the cease and desist letter.

Since the photo is still online, it's clear that the website decided to go for the latter option and face going to court.

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