Taylor Swift Sued over Failed Canadian Hoedown

Promoters claim they paid her $2.5 million (€1.86 million) and she won’t pay them back

Taylor Swift was contracted and paid to perform at a hoedown in Canada in 2012 but, when the event was canceled, she failed to return the money. She’s being sued by the promoters now.

Though her rep says they were never in contact with the ticket company, court documents filed in federal court in New York claim that the singer simply walked away with the money.

“Swift was supposed to headline a huge country music concert in Ottawa in August 2012 called the Capital Hoedown. Problem is the promoters couldn't get their act together, and to the dismay of the Canadian country music community, the hoedown was 86'd,” TMZ writes.

Despite the cancelation, Swift kept the money she was paid for performing – $2.5 million (€1.86 million) to the last cent.

“According to a new lawsuit filed in federal court in New York, Swift got all of her cash up front and the ticket company, which had to refund $1.8 million [€1.34 million] in tickets, thinks she should foot the bill since she never actually did anything. In fact, even if TS were to pay, she would still walk with $700k [€523,521] in profit,” the same media outlet says.

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