Taylor Swift Splits with Harry Styles After Massive Fight

“Almighty row” puts an end to gorgeous holiday, mediated relationship

Taylor Swift is single again and, if her track record is any indication, perhaps writing a song about her most recent breakup as we speak. She and One Direction singer Harry Styles have split after an intensely mediated romance.

Hot on the heels of reports that the two had exchanged “I love yous” on New Year’s in New York, after spending Christmas together as well, comes news that they had a massive fight and broke up.

The two had left for the Caribbean shortly after ringing in the New Year, but Taylor cut the holiday short after a massive fight – and returned home alone, an inside source confirms for the Daily Mail.

“Yes I can confirm they have split up,” the tipster says.

“They were on holiday and had an almighty row. They are two young stars at the top of their game so who knows what will happen in the future,” adds the same source.

While Taylor flew back to New York, Harry stayed behind and joined the group of Virgin millionaire Richard Bronson on his private island, as various photos posted on Facebook indicate.

For her part, Taylor is keeping mum on the reported breakup but she’s already dropped one major hint on her Twitter feed, where she posted the cryptic message, “…’til you put me down.”

It’s her first tweet in 2013 and can’t but confirm (sort of) the breakup, voices online are saying.

As noted above, just yesterday, word got out that the two were head over heels in love and happier than ever.

They had already exchanged “I love yous” even though they had only been dating for roughly a couple of months, which even got Taylor’s father a bit worried thinking they might be rushing into it head-first.

Consequently, insiders said, he had warned Harry not to break his daughter’s heart. So much for that now, assuming the above report is accurate.

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