Taylor Swift Is Setting Up Selena Gomez with Some “Really Cool Guys” After Justin Bieber

The two are friends again, Taylor wants Selena to get over Bieber

All’s well that ends well, as the saying goes. After spending several months apart because Selena Gomez would not listen to reason and dump Justin Bieber, she and BFF Taylor Swift have kissed and made up and are friends again. And Taylor is eager to have Selena move on from the failed romance.

Even though she’s not the best person to dish out advice on love or play matchmaker, this is exactly what Taylor has been doing these past few weeks, ever since it became clear to her that Selena was done for good with Bieber and would never go running back to him.

You might have heard that Taylor “dumped” Selena when she understood that no amount of talking could make her see what a negative influence Justin was. In fact, word has it, Taylor even gave Selena an ultimatum on the matter: either her or Justin. Selena chose Justin and Selena walked out.

Everything is back to normal now, Hollywood Life reports, citing a source close to the two pop stars. In fact, things are even better than before because Taylor is determined to help Selena find love again and she, for once, isn’t resisting the idea of being set up with someone else than Bieber.

“She’s been trying to set Selena up with some really cool guys that she may be interested in,” says an insider. “Selena didn’t come crying to Taylor when she broke up with Justin. As a result, Taylor has been really supportive of her and offering to talk about the split.”

If you’ve been following celebrity news and gossip, you probably know that Taylor has the reputation of being the most unlucky in love young woman in showbiz. These past few years, she’s been romantically linked with some of the biggest names in the industry, from Jake Gyllenhaal and John Meyer to Harry Styles and Taylor Lautner, but she somehow managed to drive them away in under 3 months.

In turn, this has earned her the reputation of a very clingy, very needy “old soul.” Bluntly put, reports claim that, right after the second date or so, Taylor starts making wedding and babies plans, and then she harasses the poor fellow she happens to be dating until, scared and freaked out, he dumps her.

Again, if we’re to believe reports, most breakups with Taylor have happened via phone – by text, no less – because the man who did the dumping was so afraid of the scene she might cause that he chose this most cowardly method of breaking up.

If there’s even a smidge of truth to these reports, perhaps Taylor isn’t the best matchmaker for Selena, unless, of course, she’s luckier in finding a man for someone else than she’s been in finding one for herself.

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