Taylor Swift Is Obsessed with Harry Styles, He Not So Much with Her

One Direction heartthrob is “creeped out” by her, wants out of the romance

Taylor Swift is said to be basically starving herself because she’s been getting death threats from One Direction fans for dating Harry Styles, while also planning to move to London to be closer to her beau. As it turns out, the romance might be over any day now.

The notoriously unlucky in love star is completely obsessed with the handsome Harry, Star Magazine claims in its latest print issue (story via Hollywood Life).

In fact, she’s so smitten with him that she’s even started talking about moving in together, getting married and starting a family.

For the 18-year-old Harry, that sounds a bit like too serious of a commitment.

“She’s obsessed with Harry. She’s already talking about marriage and babies,” an unnamed insider is quoted as saying.

“She’s planning a romantic Christmas vacation, just the two of them, and has taken him home to meet her mom! She’s gone off the rails,” the spy goes on to say.

The same report notes that Harry is positively “creeped out” by all this and is already plotting his escape before Taylor gets even more serious about what he considered just a fling.

In other words, he wants out before he gives her a chance to write a song (or even an entire album) about him, celebrity bloggers point out jokingly.

“Harry is creeped out by Taylor’s ‘clingy behavior’ and is looking for a way out that won’t cause him to become the subject of another song,” HL writes.

“The other boys in One Direction are suggesting that he back off slowly, the report claims. ‘They’re really worried there will be a serious backlash if the relationship tanks,’ says the insider,” the same e-zine writes.

Harry and Taylor were first linked romantically in spring this year, but word has it the romance fizzled because they were spending too much time apart.

Now that they’re back together, Taylor is said to make sure this doesn’t happen again: so she’s buying a house in London to be closer to her boyfriend.

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