Taylor Swift Is Not Eating, Scared Senseless of One Direction Death Threats

Report says she’s “shaken up” by fans’ reaction to dating Harry Styles

Taylor Swift has been getting a lot of death threats from One Direction fans after word got out that she’s dating their idol Harry Styles again. All this ruckus is making her extremely stressed, to the point where she’s barely eating anymore.

This unconfirmed report comes from the latest print issue of Life & Style magazine (via EntertainmentWise), which cites sources close to the singer who opt not to go on record with their name.

Apparently, it’s true that Taylor has rekindled her romance with Harry, which explains why she’s so “shaken up” about the death threats she’s been getting (she would have been even if the reports weren’t true, one might imagine).

For the past few weeks or so, Taylor has been eating very little and it already shows.

“Her bones are showing, and there’s no fat in her face at all,” one nutritionist consulted by Life & Style says.

Taylor’s friends too fear that she might be putting herself in danger by reacting to this by limiting her food intake.

“They think she looks almost skeletal. She’s totally stressed about it, and the way Taylor deals with stress is to not eat. Pals are desperate to help,” an insider dishes.

As we also reported at the time, ever since rumor broke that Taylor and Harry were dating again (they were also romantically linked in early 2012), Onedirectioners have been posting very nasty things about her on social media, Twitter in particular.

Many of them, it would seem, did not agree with Taylor’s choice of man because they somehow believed Harry was “theirs” to have and dispose of as they saw fit.

They all made their point clear in vitriolic tweets, some of them also including death threats for daring to “steal” Harry from them.

For the record, the romance between the two isn’t even confirmed yet.

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