Taylor Swift Is Already Bored by Harry Styles

They have nothing to talk about and it’s driving her mad, says report

One day she’s dying to get married and have his baby, the next she’s thinking of dumping him. Taylor Swift has had a sudden change of heart about her 18-year-old boyfriend Harry Styles because she has learned they have nothing to talk about.

According to the latest print issue of Star Magazine (story via CB), Taylor is bored out of her mind with Harry because they have nothing in common to talk about.

She’s having a lot of fun whenever they go out clubbing or to dinner with friends, or when they’re making out (of course) but, when it’s just the two of them, she’s dying on the inside of sheer boredom, insiders say.

Harry, it would seem, has nothing interesting to say, ever.

“Taylor thinks Harry’s adorable, but when they’re done hitting the clubs – or making out – they really have nothing to talk about. Any time she tries to engage him in conversation, it goes nowhere,” an unnamed source says for the tab.

“Considering that Swift’s most recent boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, was a good conversationalist – as was her former flame John Mayer – it doesn’t bode well for Harry that he’s a man of few words,” Star writes.

Having at least two exes to compare him to is doing Harry no favors, so Taylor is already thinking that she can do so much better than this, the report notes.

“Taylor’s already thinking of moving on. She’s gotten all the headlines off their romance that she needed, and now she has her sights set on someone a bit older,” the tipster explains.

“Taylor knows he’s a chick magnet, so he’ll rebound soon enough!” adds the same source.

For a bit of context, in recent weeks, Taylor has been targeted by One Direction fans on Twitter and got death threats for dating Harry. She’s also said to have looked for a home in London to be closer to him.

One week ago, she was spotted in London on vacation, with reports saying she’d already met his parents.

So either she’s very fickle or there’s something rotten in the State of Denmark – and with this Star report.

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