Taylor Swift Getting Death Threats for New Guy Harry Styles of One Direction

Directioners attack singer after reports of new romance emerge online

Taylor Swift is notoriously unlucky in love but that’s not stopping a group of One Direction fans from attacking her online after rumors that she might be dating handsome Harry Styles have emerged.

According to The Sun, Taylor and Harry met for the first time in March but it’s just a few weeks ago that they took their acquaintance to the next level and have started dating.

Assuming that’s accurate, they’re both keeping a very low profile because, so far, we’ve only had some rumors, no photos to prove they’re true.

Even so, One Direction fans are so totally unhappy about it and making sure Taylor gets a piece of their mind on the topic, the same media outlet writes.

“A group calling themselves Directioners posted a string of vicious messages against the US pop beauty, 22,” The Sun writes.

One tweet is very telling in this sense: one fan claims to be ready to commit murder just so that Harry stays single.

“I’ll murder Taylor Swift. She will not date my Harry,” the fan writes, while another tweeted, “If u dating my harry, I kill u.”

This isn’t the first time that the Directioners strike either, The Sun further reports. “Model Edie Campbell, 22, has quit Twitter after being targeted by 1D fans after a photoshoot with the band,” it says.

Come to think of it, reactions of this kind from the fan community are not as rare as we’d like to believe. For instance, two years ago, when the first rumors emerged that Justin Bieber had started dating Selena Gomez, she was targeted online for it daily.

At one point, Justin himself had to step in and ask fans to be less aggressive online because it was doing no one any favors.

According to the report above, One Direction fans are just as “protective” of their idol as the Beliebers.

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